Friday, February 13, 2009

Introducing LegendsOfNoobia

Legends Of Noobia is an online multi-player role-playing game (MORPG).
After the quick registration of your character, you appear in a city center of mystical Noobia! You may communicate with other warriors, chat with those that are in the same location with you and also outside of it (such as shout which makes everyone hear your message).
You begin moving around different locations in the world where various NPCs (non-player characters) meet you. Some are kind - just polite and hospitable citizens of Noobia, and some ... awfully angry. You
suddenly find you in a pine forest where a green snail is crawling slowly over the leaves and a spider is looking at you from its web. And you decide to attack one of them. Started the fight and ...
Wooow! you killed him and gained a level ! The more you gain levels the stronger you become, and the harder it becomes to kill you. The more powerful NPCs you kill, the more experience you gain. At high levels, however, you definitely will not be able to struggle one alone against the 20 leveled Dracula sleeping in old graves, and may consider acting with a team in order to kill such a monster.
Your goal is not just killing and gaining levels, but also fighting together with other players in a team, helping each other, by hints, messages and most importantly - by healing.
Check out this flash game and try out your strength by just browsing:

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