Sunday, February 13, 2011

The interview I failed

It was in march 2008- in early march. I was in an interview process for Microsoft Ireland. Also, the same time, I was looking for a local job in Yerevan for the case I fail. But seems I wasn't ready for a failure. Anyway - the last stage of the interview to Microsoft passed. I was now expecting the results. The day after was the day I had to complete the task I've been given as part of the interview process for a position in CQG (Yerevan). I was not ablt to work on the task as good. So the next day - and the last tet-a-tet interview started.
Question from the interviewer:
-What is a thread?
-(I was silent. Had nothing in my mind to tell them. Was absolutely empty minded and was just trying to say something but ... I was not able to.)
-What is a process ?
-(Again the same)
-How would you make the program you've sent, to run better for multicore processors?

Started reviewing the code I sent them:
-Why you wrote this part in this way?
-I really don't know, cause it is much better to write it in [telling which exactly] way.
-Strange, you know the correct answer, but you have written in not the best way here.

Here was the influence of the Microsoft on me. I was expecting the results... and was packing all my things to relocate.

This was my only interview in Armenia, which I failed. And that was so silly.

This is all I'd like to share in this post. And the lesson learnt was: always, when going to an interview, leave aside any kind of excitement - concentrate, and win.

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