Monday, November 21, 2011

ASP.Net: Application Pools, Application Domains and/or processes

Hi all.

Today I just wanted to bring some light on the way ASP.Net handles requests. So let's start from scratch.

What is ASP.Net itself from OS perspective ?
ASP.Net is just a process called aspnet_wp.exe. How in that case it's stable against application crashes - read further.

In the last question we've mentioned something called Application.What is that ? Ok, Application is an atomic unit of the ASP.Net process - it's the type of the objects, which are responsible for processing client requests. But there is a good and important trick here, which ASP.Net process takes care of - the Application Domains. In fact, for each application (which is represented by a vritual directory in IIS) ASP.Net creates a separate AppDomain, and everything related to specific application happens in the boundaries of that domain. This makes one Application be resistant against others' crashes.
So for each request coming from the client, ASP.Net "creates" (I will cover this a bit later) a separate Application type instance (Application object) to handle that request. Why I've quoted the creates word, is because that's not the case and there is a nice optimization done under the hood: as soon as the application being started (AppDomain for that application being created), ASP.Net creates a pool of up to 100 instances of Application classes to not spend time on heavy object-creation operation on each request. So, finally, what we get, is that for each request a "random" existing Application instance processes that request.
This brings us to one important point: Never keep state in Application instance, or even if you need to take into account the fact that the instnace you've written some state to most probably will be chosen to process request from other clients as well.
All this is great, but seems we're missing something: where do the Application Pools stand in whole this architecture ? Ok, time to change your understanding about Application Pools, because those are just number of settings, which can be applied to different applications. Applicaiton Pools are just a conveniet way to group important settings alltogether and then be able to apply them to any application you'd like to.

I think this is all for this post.
Good luck in your development.


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